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The Penny Sales Tax

On Nov. 8, 2022, Sarasota County residents will decide whether to extend the one-cent infrastructure sales tax that has been in place since 1989.

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How the penny tax works

Under Florida state law, counties may impose a discretionary sales surtax to invest in local community improvements. It must be approved by a majority of voters in a referendum. In three successive referendums, Sarasota County voters have authorized a 1% sales surtax, on top of the 6% state sales tax, to invest in capital improvement projects for the county, School District and municipalities.

This 1%, or one-cent sales tax, only applies to the first $5,000* of any purchase that is subject to the state sales tax (maximum of $50).

One-quarter of the revenue is allocated to the School District. The remaining 75% is distributed among the county and the municipalities based on population.

Proceeds may only be used to invest in public projects such as parks, roads, sidewalks, libraries and schools; they may not be used to pay for general operating expenses.

Sarasota County Surtax IV Annotated Ballot Language.

Click the image to enlarge/view a plain text version.

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